Funding Priorities

WIN welcomes proposals that advance the search for sustainable solutions to current watershed and community challenges. WIN is responsive to new ideas, new research and new approaches, recognizing that such innovation is necessary to move the concept of sustainability forward in the Saginaw Bay watershed. The sustainability approach integrates economic goals with environmental and social goals and is based on the premise that meeting human needs for all people today should not impair the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

A strong local economy is at the core of a sustainable community because development and the jobs it creates are the vehicles for meeting human needs.

WIN accepts proposals for projects that advance its work within five focus areas:

In addition to sustainability linkages, WIN evaluates projects by asking whether projects:

Funding Process

Grant proposals are reviewed on a continual basis with financial awards made twice a year. There are no grant deadlines.

Projects are evaluated by a unique network of task groups that are central to WIN’s community-based evaluation process. Through the work of the task groups, proposals are reviewed and refined in cooperation with the applicant. The task groups are formed around WIN’s five focus areas.

If a project receives a favorable nod from a task group, it will be forwarded to WIN’s Resource Group for further consideration. Those projects that are approved by the Resource Group are presented to WIN’s Funders Network for final consideration.

Application Instructions

  1. If you are interested in applying for a grant, please contact the WIN office at (989) 892-9171 to discuss your project.

  2. Please type or print clearly so that the completed form will be legible. You may retype the form. Send your completed form electronically to with a signed, hard copy mailed to:
    Saginaw Bay WIN
    P.O. Box 734
    Bay City, MI 48707

  3. Please answer the questions in the space provided. You may include a one-page attachment. When completed, your application packet should not be more than four pages.

  4. If you have questions about the form or the project review process, please contact Saginaw Bay WIN at (989) 892-9171 or

  5. The “Local Champion” is the not-for-profit organization, entity or government agency that will have primary responsibility for insuring that the project is completed. It will also be responsible for accounting for the funds granted and providing the required reports.

  6. Many of the project ideas presented to WIN fit the visions and geographic restrictions of local community foundations. For this reason, we ask that local champions make an effort to present their project ideas to the community foundation serving the region that will benefit most from the project’s goals.