WIN Overview

Following the Course of WIN

The Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network (WIN) is a community-based, voluntary initiative that connects people, resources, organizations, and programs. We’re working to improve the quality of life in the area by developing projects, supporting related organizations, and developing the region’s identity as a sustainable community.

WIN’s emphasis is on supporting local projects, not creating a new bureaucracy. A key part of our mission is to increase communication between existing efforts and to provide appropriate support to help address local priorities and provide regional benefits.

What makes WIN work is the knowledge and experience of our diverse group of members. Business people, farmers, conservationists, tourism specialists, city planners, government representatives, and community members contribute to our success by providing expertise and a broad range of viewpoints.

WIN has created the following task groups to develop projects and set priorities:

Agriculture/Pollution Prevention
Develops projects that address a broad range of agricultural, environmental, and social/community issues and economic concerns, such as value-added production, improving farm profitability, reducing soil erosion, preventing pollution, and protecting farm for the next generation of farmers.
Wildlife Stewardship
This task group focuses on projects that improve and protect important habitats, educate, and provide improved access to significant wildlife-related sites.
Water Resources
Addresses environmental issues of concern to watershed residents, particularly water quality issues.
Land Use
Develops projects to address land use issues in the watershed.
Three primary responsibilities include improving communication among WIN members, providing training and information to WIN participants about sustainability, and communicating WIN’s work and activities to the public.