Grants: Water Resources

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Thomas Township Canoe and Kayak Launch

Jun 2016

Proposed by Saginaw County's Thomas Township, this project contemplates the development of a canoe/kayak launch along the Tittabawassee River along Gratiot Road. This site is one of few owned by Thomas Township that has the ability to offer a public access facility to the public. The launch, while built by the Township, will have parking provided by a private landowner (insurance agency) under a unique public/private partnership to allow access to the river. This site will join others (many of which supported by WIN) along the Tittabawassee that are collectively identifying a "blue way" trail network in the Saginaw Bay region.

Shiawassee River Water Trail

Jun 2016

The Friends of the Shiawassee River (a previous WIN grant partner for dam removal and other projects) is proposing to begin the process of more formally developing an "official" water trail and applying for designation under the Park Services' National Water Trail program (only 18 NWTs exist currently across the country). This project requests WIN support to assist them with the coalition building process, development of the required "Action Plan" for use by partners and submittal for NWT designation, and improved public information resources (including maps, more interactive website, and signage).

Corunna Dam Removal and Access Improvement

Dec 2015

This Corunna Dam sits on the Shiawassee River, above the previously WIN-funded removal of the Chesaning Dam, and below the WIN-funded site of the Shia-Town Dam Removal. This project includes not only the dam removal, but also the development of the site plan for river access that will be implemented along with the dam removal. The WIN funds join the overall project cost and scope, but are directed toward the development of the access site plan, along with interpretive signage at the dam removal site itself. The costs for the plan development are estimated, therefore there may be some flexibility to use any remaining funds, per agreement with WIN, for the construction phase of the project. The access portion of the project includes a 600 ft pathway/trail, 100" boardwalk, overlook and potentially a canoe/kayak launch.

Chippewa Watershed Septic Source Identification and Database Development Project

Dec 2015

This project, sponsored by the Gratiot Conservation District and Mid-Michigan Community Health Department, seeks to improve and develop a database to better track sources of bacteriological contamination of the upper Chippewa River. Currently, the ability of the health department and other stakeholders to track sources is stymied by lack of available information. This project will use WIN funds, along with funding support provided by the conservation district and health department, to develop a database layer using Geographic Information Systems that will overlay properties with septic systems that are in high-priority areas, specifically adjacent to water courses. The project will also allow the partners to develop educational material as well as develop and package presentations that will be used for community groups and others looking toward a phase 2 of the project, that include a "fund" to assist in the repair/replacement of failing systems.

Village of Byron River Access Facility

Jun 2015

Proposed by the Byron Village Downtown Development Authority, this project seeks to develop and formalize an undeveloped site frequently used by community members to access the Shiawassee River at Byron. The site, located on expansive riverfront property owned by the school district, is a key component of the DDAs new riverfront access plan and community development program. The work in Byron joins a variety of community projects along the Shiawassee River that have occurred in recent years, much of which have been supported by WIN including the Chesaning Fish Passage, Shia-Town dam Removal and restoration, Heritage Water Trail, and ongoing work by the Friends of the Shiawassee including additional public access sites. This site will provide not only access to the river for canoes and kayaks, but also for other community events such as fishing and river sampling.

Frankenmuth Memorial Park Boat Launch Renovations

Jun 2015

Building on other investments in and around Frankenmuth including public access sites, dam removal, blueway mapping, riverbank restoration, and kayak/canoe launch facilities and equipment, the City of Frankenmuth is requesting WIN fund to match a Michigan Natural resource Trust Fund grant for improvements at one of the City's primary public access locations. The proposed renovations at the site include a wider and longer boat launch, a fishing platform and accommodations for canoe and kayak launching. This site is identified as an access point along the Cass River Water Trail, a program of the Cass River Greenways

Streambank Stabilization and Fish Habitat Improvement - Cass River

Dec 2014

On the Cass River and Cole Creek, a major tributary, more than two dozen sites have been identified as active and severe erosion sites. These sites have also been ranked for severity. This project will install tree revetment erosion control mechanisms on at least 1,000 feet of riverbank at these sites. Tree revetments not only substantially decrease erosion at low cost, but also provide for new habitat for both terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. The goals are sediment reduction, nutrient reduction, and habitat development.

Rifle River Prosperity Network - Huron Pines

Dec 2014

Proposed by Huron Pines, this project seeks to engage communities more fully in the relationship between their communities and the Rifle River. Using the "Gateway Community" concept, Huron Pines and partners will engage businesses, environmental organizations, and others in identifying how to best maintain and improve community character, while balancing environmental protection and economic development. This 18+ month project includes community forums, development of a shared vision, and a unique mini-grant program that partners can use to implement creative projects geared toward identifying the region as a "Gateway".

Cass River Water Trail Access

Jun 2014

Cass River Water Trail Development at Davis Park and Hoffman Site - This project includes WIN support for the construction of public access sites on the Cass River as part of the Cass River Greenways Project (a past recipient of WIN support). This project includes WIN match funding for two sites. A larger application for funding from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund has also been submitted. These sites will be located on the “lower” Cass River in Bridgeport Township – an area that has been identified as a high priority area for the regional Greenways plan.

Coldwater Lake Boat Launch and Access Project - Isabella County

Jun 2014

Coldwater Lake Boat Launch and Accessibility Improvements – Proposed by Isabella County Parks and Recreation Commission, this boat launch and accessibility enhancement project will be located at Coldwater Lake. Coldwater Lake is a high-use recreational amenity in Isabella County, with more than 20,000 visitors using the park each year. This project proposes the development of an all access boat /kayak launching area, as well as improvements to the existing motor boat launch facility to bring it into an all accessibility compliant status. This lake provides access to the Coldwater River, which is a short paddle to the Chippewa River and the Chippewa River Water Trail System (a past recipient of WIN funding).

Hamilton Dam Fish Passage and Improvements - Flint, MI

Jun 2014

Hamilton Dam Project – This project includes WIN support for the removal of the Hamilton Dam on the Flint River in Flint. Classified as a “critical dam” because of safety issues, the City and its partners plan to strategically deconstruct the dam and in its place install a series of rock rapids (similar to our investments at Chesaning, Frankenmuth and other sites) that will eliminate this fish migration barrier. A bypass channel around the rapids will also be constructed. A head of water will be maintained, as this area serves as the primary source of the City of Flint’s drinking water. The project also includes consideration of recreational use, including the conceptual development of an area that will focus on kayak/rapids use. The City of Flint has committed $1 million, and an additional $1 million is part of an application to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. WIN funding will be part of the local match/fundraising.

Cass River Kayak Launch - Vassar

Dec 2013

Earlier, with WIN support and that of the State of Michigan, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and the community, the Vassar Dam was removed. This dam removal has opened the river for new opportunities, including public access. This proposal requests funding support of a public access / canoe launch at the site of the former dam. This funding will match a pending Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grant to be applied for in April 2014. This project is an extension of WIN-funded work on eth Cass that has also included public access sites in Tuscola Township and Frankenmuth